Seth Posluns

Seth Posluns

Seth was in a serious car accident with his mother when he was just four and a half years old. This trauma was aggravated by the fact that his mother was in the hospital for over a year, all of which contributed to severe post-traumatic stress, depression, and separation anxiety.

These events also made Seth's childhood unlike that of other kids his age, and he had challenges in school. In grade 11, the addition of sleep apnea and a highly disturbed sleep cycle caused Seth's grades to suffer to the point where he withdrew from school, because he was unable to attend enough classes or complete the work required to pass.

"I was awake all night and sleeping during the day and had gained over 50 pounds. I tried to get my education online, but I wasn't motivated to do that either. I didn't do any chores around the house, and I didn't respect my parents. The stress of my issues made all of this worse, and the tension in our house had become unbearable.

When my social worker first suggested Youthdale and Camp Magnetawan, I was skeptical. When I finally agreed to look into it, I made the best decision of my life. It was challenging at first, being away from home and my parents, but I realized I needed to change the path I was on.

At camp, I really came into my own. I was away from my mom for weeks for the first time in my life. I really interacted with other kids - something that I hadn't done much of in recent years. At camp, I had to do chores, and this was new to me. I really enjoyed the camaraderie and, for the first time, looked at my issues in a new light.

In the end, I was awarded camper of the year for my group, and I'd developed a new appreciation for life, a greater understanding of myself, and was developing a sense of responsibility that I hadn't had before.

The second season, I was invited to be a counsellor in training (CIT) at camp. This was a big step for me, but it was a fantastic experience. We arrived at camp a week before the other campers to prepare for arrivals, and worked as a team to get things done. I realized that we were there to help the other kids, so that was a major step - to think about others and focus on making the camp experience the best it could be for them.

I was also chosen as CIT of the year, and that was really amazing. There was a time not too long ago when I couldn't get to school or relate with my family, and here I was a role model for many kids. The camp really changed my outlook, and my prospects. Now I'm in my first year of university, and residence is the best! I know how to manage my schedule and deal with my sleep issues, and I'm having the greatest time. I'm taking math and physics, and one day hope to get a PhD, and work as a theoretical physicist, because I have a passion for the mysteries of the universe.

I'm telling my story in the hope it will prompt another kid to get the help they need to enjoy life more and pursue their dreams. If Youthdale and Camp Magnetawan hadn't been recommended to me, I'm scared to think of what might have happened. I certainly wouldn't have a high school diploma, let alone be going to university.

I had some serious issues from my childhood that had really begun to affect my prospects and my outlook. My two seasons at Camp Magnetawan made a real difference in my life. I encourage any kid who's thinking about it to go... I had a great time, and I'm now succeeding in university, and enjoying life more than I ever thought possible."

- Seth Posluns, Camp Magnetawan participant for two seasons